Bloomberg Launches Suite of Indices Tracking Green, Social & Sustainability Bonds

ESG Today

Business and financial markets information service provider Bloomberg announced today the launch of a series of indices covering sustainable finance instruments including green, social and sustainability bonds.

Best Practice Guidance Issued on Green, Social, Sustainability-linked Loans

Chris Hall

The APLMA (Asia Pacific Loan Market Association), LMA (Loan Market Association) and LSTA (Loan Syndications and Trading Association) have published two new guidance documents as part of their continued work in relation to ESG and sustainable finance.


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HDFC Signs Largest-Ever Social Loan to Support Affordable Housing

ESG Today

India-based mortgage lender HDFC announced that it has secured the largest-ever social loan globally, signing a $1.1 The deal also marks the first social external commercial borrowing (ECB) loan out of India. Social Sustainable Finance

Roundtable: In Pursuit of Value, not Values

Chris Hall

Fiduciary duty is driving the growth of sustainable investing in the US. If you constrain me from doing these things, then I am not going to be able to deliver a service to you,” said Marina Severinovsky, Head of Sustainability, North America at Schroders.

This Week’s Fund News: Robeco Introduces Article 9 Biodiversity Strategy

Chris Hall

ESG Investor’s weekly round-up of news about funds designed to meet sustainable investing criteria, including Robeco, Morgan Stanley IM, GMPF, Impax AM, Orchard Street IM and Nuveen. . NHPF2 is providing a sustainable and place-based solution for economic growth in the region and beyond.

OP Financial to Cut Loan and Investment Portfolio Emissions, Boost Sustainable Finance

ESG Today

Finland-based financial services company OP Financial Group announced today the launch of its new sustainability program, unveiling a series of ESG goals, including targets to reduce emissions in its loan and investment portfolios and boost its sustainable finance deployment.

Finance Majors Invest in “Cleaner, Greener” Farming

Chris Hall

Food and agriculture businesses commit to specific and time-bound environmental and social targets. But he added: “There is still a long way to go and the wider finance sector must use COP27 to supersize its ambition and grow a more sustainable food and agriculture sector.”.


Are we Eating up Our World?

Chris Hall

Standardisation is required to accurately quantify the environmental and social impacts of land-use investments, says Ivo Mulder , Head of the UN Environment Programme’s Climate Finance Unit.


Take Five: Australia’s Long Haul

Chris Hall

But according to at least one informed investor, the Dutch migration to indoor farming offers a sustainable template for others, with its efficient use of water and reduction in harmful chemicals and carbon footprint. This week’s major stories impacting ESG investors, in five easy pieces.? .

How to Build a Sustainable Future

Chris Hall

Sustainable investment experts predicted an even greater emphasis by investors on public policy, at a recent roundtable held by S&P Global Sustainable1 and ESG Investor. First, our roundtable participants surveyed the existing regulatory landscape for sustainable investing.

On an Equal Footing

Chris Hall

Redington’s 2021 ‘ Sustainable Investment Survey ’ noted that 50% of asset managers’ investment strategies consider gender diversity when researching portfolio companies, while 38% consider professional experience and 37% consider race.

New ESG Guidance for Malaysian Issuers

Chris Hall

Guidelines are part of exchange initiative to help listed companies adopt best practices in governance and sustainability. Asia-Pacific News Regulation ENVIRONMENTAL EQUITIES ESG GOVERNANCE REGULATION SOCIAL SUSTAINABLE FINANCE

Constructing Social Portfolios: A Quantitative versus Screening Approach

Andreas Rache

The “Social” dimension of ESG is hugely under explored and developed and covers under studied issues such as how companies treat their employees and care for the responsibility of their products. By Alina Hofer, Lea Katharina Kasper & Dr. Kristjan Jespersen. ? 5 min read ?.

Malaysia Enhances Sustainability Reporting Framework

Chris Hall

Listed issuers will be required to disclose prescribed “common sustainability matters” and provide TCFD-aligned disclosures. The exchange group said it had observed considerable improvements among listed issuers since the launch of its Sustainability Reporting Framework in 2015.

Climate Change and Magical Thinking

Andreas Rache

By Steen Vallentin. ? 7 min read ?. COP26, the 26th UN Climate Change Conference , has just ended.

Asset Managers Report EU Taxonomy Teething Problems

Chris Hall

Early-adopter asset managers are struggling to use the EU environmental taxonomy to measure the sustainability of their funds and inform investment decisions. . PRI report outlines recommendations to ensure clarity and ease the reporting process. .

Putin Puts Governance Back on the Agenda

Chris Hall

Events in Ukraine gave sustainability-minded investors pause for thought. Further, it can be seen as stemming from a series of governance failures, and as having huge and unpredictable environmental and social implications.

Negative Capability: Sustaining our discomfort towards a collectively responsible society

Andreas Rache

In my PhD studies, I work with a different type of sustainability. Not the sustainability of carbon footprints or systemic transformations but a sustainability of reflection. Maybe comfort is sustainability’s biggest threat. By Tali Padan. ? 3 min read ?.

Managers’ Eyes on SFDR Prize

Chris Hall

EC maps out the final hard yards for the sustainable funds’ regime. . Although the journey has been fraught with confusion and delays , the second part of the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) – widely known as Level 2 – has reached the home straight. .

Asian GSSS bond issuance hits $600bn, finds report

Environmental Finance

More than $600 billion of green, social, sustainable and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bonds have been issued out of Asia, Environmental Finance Data shows

Video: Ronald van der Wouden on how bond investors can stimulate discussions on the Paris Agreement

Environmental Finance

Ronald van der Wouden, managing director at RockCreek, shares his view on how investors in green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bonds can stimulate discussions around the Paris Agreement

Why the degrowth debate is growing


Sustainable degrowth challenges inequalities and the environmental destruction caused by a growth-oriented development paradigm; it calls for a downscaling of production and consumption, but also a rethinking of human and planetary well-being. By Nick Meynen.

Moody’s Transfers Sustainable Debt Opinion Service to Ratings Agency, Proposes new Assessment Framework

ESG Today

Global integrated risk assessment firm Moody’s announced that it will transfer its sustainable debt Second Party Opinions (SPO) business to become part of its rating agency under Moody’s Investor Service (MIS), from its Moody’s ESG Solutions group. ESG Tools, Services Sustainable Finance

How can China lead the global green trade drive?


To do this, the country has to work on making its supply chains more environmentally and socially sustainable As one of the world’s largest economies, China has a major role in enhancing global trade and fighting climate change.

UK Green Labels to Raise Fund Standards

Chris Hall

Before long, any asset manager thinking of slapping a ‘sustainable’ or ‘ESG’ label on its investment products for UK clients should think twice – at least. The FCA said: “We initially set out five categories for the labels, including a label for ‘not promoted as sustainable’.

DEI Metrics Need to Evolve – Rights CoLab

Chris Hall

A recent report by the World Benchmarking Alliance noted that poor corporate governance performance and disclosure is having a knock-on effect on social equity, with just 1% of 1,000 of the world’s largest companies performing acceptably against its 18 core social indicators. .

No Time to Rest in Passive ESG Market

Chris Hall

To take one UK-based example, when FTSE4Good was launched in 2001, a pioneering benchmark for socially responsible investing (SRI), the focus was on carbon emissions. Passive funds, she said, account for roughly 40% of all US sustainable investment assets under management.

This Week’s Tech and Tools News: Bloomberg Launches Global GSS Bond Indices

Chris Hall

ESG Investor’s weekly round-up of news on technology and tools in the sustainable investing sector, including Bloomberg, Normative, Sugi, ISS ESG, FE fundinfo and MSCI. .

Social Safeguards “Critical” to EU Taxonomy

Chris Hall

With fears growing over the future of Europe’s planned social taxonomy, hopes for a ‘just transition’ to a low-carbon economy will rest on other measures, including proposed minimum safeguards, the consultation on which has recently been extended. .

When Green is Gold

Chris Hall

Ashok Parameswaran, President of the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance, highlights the challenges of achieving environmental and social impact via emerging markets bonds.

Sustainable Bonds Hit Record Share of Global Bond Issuance: Moody’s

ESG Today

Given the continued declines, Moody’s has reduced its full-year forecast for global sustainable bond issuance to around $900 billion, from its prior forecast of $1 trillion. ” The post Sustainable Bonds Hit Record Share of Global Bond Issuance: Moody’s appeared first on ESG Today.

Who is the Fairest of Them All?

Chris Hall

Despite limited scope for standardisation, investors continue to push companies to be transparent about their social-related processes and policies. . But the development of standardised, comparable and comprehensive social data and metrics isn’t easy.

VC Investor Cathay Innovation Launches $1 Billion Sustainable Transformation Fund

ESG Today

Venture capital investor Cathay Innovation announced today the launch of a $1 billion global fund investing in startups that support industrial and social sustainable transformation.

Engagement Drives Growth in Australian Responsible Investment

Chris Hall

RIAA report finds managers increasingly reporting on outcomes of engagement on environmental and social issues. Investors are expecting real, measurable action towards environmental and social issues,” said Estelle Parker, Executive Manager, Programs at RIAA.

This Week’s Fund News: HSBC AM Targets Circular Economy, Exits Coal

Chris Hall

ESG Investor’s weekly round-up of news about funds designed to meet sustainable investing criteria, including HSBC AM, Invesco, BlackRock, Franklin Templeton, Janus Henderson and Mirova. . US investment manager Franklin Templeton has unveiled a new social-focused bond fund.

What happens if Indigenous people say no to mining the minerals needed to run EVs?

Corporate Knights

Increasingly, Indigenous people and non-Indigenous allies, via consumer activism and ethical investing criteria, are having a significant impact on the economic bottom line of companies that do not source their raw materials in a manner that is environmentally and socially sustainable.

The EB Dialogue: Beijing


China has been at the forefront of the world's progress in sustainable development over the past decade.

S&P Slashes Sustainable Bond Forecast on Worsening Market Conditions

ESG Today

Global issuance volumes for green, social, sustainability, and sustainability-linked bonds (GSSSB) are expected to fall 16% this year to $865 billion, according to a forecast in a new report by S&P Global Ratings, as credit conditions continue to pressure overall global bond issuances.

CIM Wins Sustainability Project of the Year


CIM was awarded “Sustainability Project of the Year” at the Analytics Institute, Analytics and AI Awards 2022. The award highlights the contribution to sustainability achieved through the partnership between CIM and Analog Devices.

Sustainable Bond Volumes Outperform Broader Market to Reach Record Share: Moody’s

ESG Today

Sustainable bond issuance outperformed the broader market in the second quarter of 2022, reaching a record 15% of global total issuance, according to a new report from Moody’s ESG Solutions. Reports, Studies Sustainable Finance

Putting Health at the Center of Climate Change

Stanford Social Innovation Review

Businesses—in their myriad roles as employers, suppliers, and investors—need to lean into end-to-end sustainability by taking actions that improve not only the environment but also livelihoods, particularly among vulnerable communities in their value chains. By Daniella Foster.

Fonio as a Cash Crop: How an Ancient Grain Can Provide a Solution for Food Security in West Africa – And a Model for Biodiverse Agriculture Around the World

James Militzer

Major food manufacturers know that formulating their products with fonio can help them achieve their environmental and social Sustainable Development Goals. Most of the residents of our world rely on a handful of staple crops – namely, rice, corn and wheat – for sustenance.

Sustainability in Packaging: Facts Instead of Buzzwords


To be sustainable from the consumer’s perspective, packaging should be produced with a minimum of resources, be plastic-free and fully recyclable, but still look nice. And most importantly, are they focusing on the right aspects of packaging sustainability?