The Paris Agreement -- better measurement methods needed

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The Paris Agreement says that we should reduce the emission of greenhouse gases to limit the rise in global temperature to 2 degrees Celsius. But do we have the measurement methods needed to achieve this? This is the question posed by researchers. Their answer is disheartening

DWS Expands Paris Agreement-Aligned ETF Suite

ESG Today

DWS, one of the largest asset managers in Europe, announced the launch of three new climate-focused ETFs for its exchange-traded funds business Xtrackers, expanding its suite of Paris Agreement-focused product series with funds providing exposure to US, European and Japanese equity markets.


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US rejoins Paris Agreement

Renewable Energy World

As promised, on the first day he took office US President Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement via an executive order. The International Hydropower Association (IHA) welcomes the new US administration’s decision to recommit to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

How are G7 companies actually performing against Paris Agreement goals?


New analysis suggests corporations in the G7 are currently far off track, but decarbonization trends are at least heading in a greener direction

ICYMI, Opportunity Narrows on Meeting Paris Agreement Goals

Chris Hall

Focused on mitigation, the report noted that progress on the alignment of financial flows towards the goals of the Paris Agreement remained slow, with tracked climate finance flows distributed unevenly across regions and sectors. .

Why the Paris Agreement poses major stranded asset risk to Indonesian palm oil


Research lays bare scale of stranded asset risk facing Indonesia's palm oil sector if Paris Agreement climate goals are met

US businesses stand by the Paris Agreement at COP25


Climate Conferences Commitments & Goals Paris Agreement United NationsWhile the United States government has kept a low profile at this year’s COP25, the country's businesses have played a more enthusiastic role.

Transition methodologies failing to meet Paris Agreement, academics warn

Environmental Finance

investors and regulators for calculating transition pathways are failing to accurately reflect the Paris Agreement goals, with academics warning that most business will consequently fail to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in time Existing methodologies commonly used by companies.

European Commission - EU agrees to COP27 compromise to keep Paris Agreement alive and protect those most vulnerable to climate change*

Global Renewable News

At the COP27 UN Climate Change Conference. Climate Change

Japanese banks' portfolios misaligned with Paris Agreement, says 2DII

Environmental Finance

Japanese banks' loan books are misaligned with the Paris Agreement, said a paper written by the 2 Degrees Investing Initiative (2DII) and released by the Financial Services Agency (FSA)'s Finance Research Center

Video: Ronald van der Wouden on how bond investors can stimulate discussions on the Paris Agreement

Environmental Finance

Ronald van der Wouden, managing director at RockCreek, shares his view on how investors in green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked (GSSS) bonds can stimulate discussions around the Paris Agreement

Most green index funds aren't aligned with the Paris Agreement


Sustainable passive funds attracted a record $69 billion in net flows in 2021 — but their growth has raised question

Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets

Environmental News Bits

Countries around the world pledged in the Paris Agreement to limit warming to 1.5 As emissions rates gradually begin to decline, countries are looking at how many greenhouse gases can still be emitted while remaining below these temperature … Continue reading Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets. Read the full story from the University of Washington.

How Your Organization Can Buy Paris Agreement-Verified Rainforest Carbon Credits for the First Time


Date/Time: November 18, 2021 (1-2PM ET / 10-11AM PT) As governments step up efforts to strengthen the Paris Agreement at COP26 and tackle the climate emergency, corporate action has never been more critical.

Influential oil company scenarios for combating climate change don’t actually meet the Paris Agreement goals, our new analysis shows

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by Robert Brecha, University of Dayton and Gaurav Ganti, Humboldt University of Berlin Several major oil companies, including BP and Shell, periodically publish scenarios forecasting the future of the energy sector.

Forecast: 8 million energy jobs created by meeting Paris agreement

Renewable Energy World

Globally, jobs in the energy sector are projected to increase from 18 million today to 26 million in 2050 if the world cuts carbon to meet the well-below 2°C target set by the Paris Agreement , according to a model created by researchers in Canada and Europe.

Fossil fuel companies' projections won't meet Paris Agreement climate goals, researchers say

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

Decarbonization scenarios produced by major fossil fuel companies are incompatible with Paris Agreement goals for a safe and habitable planet, according to new research

The UN’s Global Biodiversity Framework could be ‘Paris Agreement for nature’


Set to be finalized in early 2022, the GBF’s draft sets out targets for protecting marine and land habitats, reducing pesticides and plastic waste, and increasing investments

What the U.S. return to the Paris Agreement means for investors

Impact Alpha

After years of signaling its intent to withdraw from the Paris Agreement to fight climate change, the United States made the decision official. return to the Paris Agreement means for investors appeared first on Impact Alpha.

Paris Agreement limits still catastrophic for coral reefs, research suggests

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

More than 90 percent of tropical coral reefs will suffer frequent heat stress -- their number one threat -- even under Paris Agreement climate warming limits. Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels will still be catastrophic for coral reefs, new research suggests.

Aligning with the Paris Agreement: An Index Approach


Institutional investors are under pressure to align their strategies with a maximum global temperature increase of 1.5oC as targeted by the Paris Agreement.

JPMorgan Chase will align financing strategy with Paris Agreement

Impact Alpha

7 – The world’s largest fossil fuel funder said it would reduce financed emissions in line with Paris goals, promising more details in the spring. The post JPMorgan Chase will align financing strategy with Paris Agreement appeared first on ImpactAlpha. ImpactAlpha.

Reaching the Paris Agreement without protecting Indigenous lands is “impossible”: report


A new report by the Forest Declaration Assessment says that fulfilling the Paris Agreement won’t be possible without acknowledging and supporting the crucial role of Indigenous peoples and other local communities’ in protecting lands

Episode 248: Mastercard CSO, parsing plastics policy, Paris Agreement at 5


Episode 248: Mastercard CSO, parsing plastics policy, Paris Agreement at 5. Does 2020 mark a turning point for delivering on the Paris Agreement goals? Happy 5th anniversary, Paris Agreement (39:25) . Paris Agreement.

Fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement: party time?


Significant developments have taken place since the Paris Agreement. But any sense of optimism about the progress driven by the historic climate deal must be tempered by the harsh reality of how far there is to go

Review of technologies that repurpose carbon finds most aren’t Paris Agreement compatible

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

However, a recent review calls into question the viability of many of these methods to meet both the long-term and short-term emissions goals that follow from the Paris Agreement, and suggests focusing on technologies that use non-fossil carbon dioxide and store carbon permanently As the climate crisis becomes more immediate, carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technology has been touted as part of the solution.

Including all types of emissions shortens timeline to reach Paris Agreement temperature targets

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

Looking beyond carbon dioxide emissions to include other human-generated pollutants, like methane, nitrogen oxide and particulate pollution, changes the picture for how much warming is already 'baked in' to the climate system.

The Conversation - Global climate finance leaves out cities: fixing it is critical to battling climate change

Global Renewable News

Under the Paris Agreement, which came into. Environment

Biomass burning booms in East Asia despite Paris Agreement goals


Over the past decade, Japan and South Korea have increasingly turned to burning wood pellets for energy, leaning on a UN loophole that dubs biomass burning as carbon neutral

Most plans for new coal plants scrapped since Paris agreement

Environmental News Bits

The global pipeline of new coal power plants has collapsed since the 2015 Paris climate agreement, according to research that suggests the end of the polluting energy source is in sight. Read the full story in The Guardian. Read more → Climate change Energy Publications

Celebrating Climate Week & Earth Day 2021 – Global Leaders Gather in “Climate Summit” Hosted by the U.S. – Kumbaya for Paris Agreement Goals Refresh

Sustainability Update

We could describe the enthusiastic presentations and panel discussions over the two days by global participants a kumbaya gathering to refresh and update the 2015 Paris Agreement (or Accord) moments as the world leaders then set out ambitious goals to limit global warming. April 30 2021. by Hank Boerner – Chair & Chief Strategist – G&A Institute.

Renewable Energy for Agri-food Systems: Towards the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement

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Download the document. This report jointly developed by the International Renewable Energy Agency and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations analyses the role of renewable energy in agri-food systems and the opportunity they offer to advance energy and food security objectives as well as contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development… Read more → Agriculture Publications Renewable energy

The world has consumed half a trillion tonnes of virgin materials since the Paris Agreement

Envirotec Magazine

The throwaway global economy is fuelling the climate crisis with more than half a trillion tonnes of virgin materials consumed since the 2015 Paris Agreement, according to a report from impact organisation Circle Economy launched on 19 January.

6 signs of progress since the adoption of the Paris Agreement


Global momentum to tackle the climate crisis has been building since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015. The world has proven that it is ready for more ambitious climate action

Five years since the Paris Agreement: The race to net zero is on


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are both challenges and opportunities in ensuring that COP 26 builds confidence in the Paris Agreement as an effective tool to avoid the climate crisis

'Red flag for COP26': Most high-carbon companies shooting 'wide of the mark' for a 2C world


Investor-led Transitions Pathway Initiative warns four in five firms in carbon-intensive sectors currently fail Paris Agreement test. Corporate Strategy Net Zero Paris Agreement

COP26 128

Major parties have Australia on track to blow past Paris targets

Renew Economy

Only the Greens and 'teal' independents have climate policies consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement, new analysis shows. The post Major parties have Australia on track to blow past Paris targets appeared first on RenewEconomy.

China drives first global coal capacity increase since Paris Agreement


China was behind a climate-crunching increase in coal power capacity in 2019, but globally the writing is on the wall for the world's dirtiest fossil fuel as new coal development drops again

Current Climate Pledges Guarantee Warming Above 2°C


C limit established in the Paris Agreement, according to a UN report released yesterday. Climate Change Global Leaders Society COP27 GHG emissions Paris Agreement United NationsImpakter. Current Climate Pledges Guarantee Warming Above 2°C.

Fossil fuel expansion will be the litmus test for banks’ net-zero promises

Corporate Knights

The alliance, led by former Bank of England governor Mark Carney, comprises separate agreements for various financial sectors. The banking agreement includes many of the largest financial players in North America, including JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup Inc.,

How blockchain could help put the Paris Agreement on course, from the bottom up


Digital technologies can make climate accounting faster, more transparent and more accessible to a wide set of stakeholders. Blockchain Information Technology Reporting

America chose the path to self-destruction. What about the rest of us?


Climate Change Paris Agreement Policy & Politics science-based targetsDon't mourn. Organize.

How China's 'Belt & Road' initiative could make or break the Paris Agreement


China is eyeing $12 trillion investment across 126 developing countries by 2030, but will the resulting infrastructure be low carbon? China Commitments & Goals decarbonization Infrastructure Policy & Politics