ESG Explainer: SFDR One Year on

Chris Hall

In August, climate think tank InfluenceMap released a report indicating that the majority of climate-themed investment funds had a negative Portfolio Paris Alignment score. European efforts to bring transparency to ESG funds haven’t addressed fears of greenwashing.

This Week’s Fund News: DWS Launches ESG Fund for Women, by Women

Chris Hall

The UK-based OEIC Responsible UK Equity fund utilises the firm’s Responsible Investing Indicator Model (RIIM), applying a socially responsible screen to exclude companies involved in extreme ESG-related breaches without taking steps to remediate the issues.


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New report shows $200-billion drop in responsible investing market share in Canada

Corporate Knights

Negative screening (for instance, screening out weapons, tobacco or fossil fuels) is number two at 91%, and corporate engagement is third at 79%. . For more than a decade, responsible investing in Canada experienced steady upward growth.

Report: Meet the top 200 companies investing in a clean energy future

Corporate Knights

The Clean200 uses negative screens. The Clean200 also excludes palm oil, paper/pulp, rubber, timber, beef, and soy producers that are screened on As You Sow ’s Deforestation Free Funds , companies using child or forced labour, and companies that engage in negative climate lobbying.

Responsible-investing trailblazer awarded Order of Canada

Corporate Knights

MH: Choosing among responsible investment tools – positive and negative screening, divestment and engagement – is complicated. I first met Moira Hutchinson in 1987 when I was working on the first of my series of books on responsible investment.

Take Five: Immediately and Gradually

Chris Hall

This week’s major stories impacting ESG investors, in five easy pieces. . Pillars of the post-WW2 global financial system are not yet on the same page for climate risk and sustainable development.

Guest Post: Gaining Specialist Clarity on ESG in Fixed Income

ESG Today

ESG Ratings support portfolio construction where the overall ESG rating, or sub-components, are used for positive/negative screening and ESG optimization at the entity or instrument level.

Intent on Impact

Chris Hall

For many asset owners, the motivation for seeking positive impact comes from an appreciation that limiting negative impacts, through management of ESG risks, is in insufficient to address profound and urgent systemic risks.

Why corporate reporting isn’t a proxy for progress


Two-thirds of what is dubbed sustainable investment comprises negative-screen funds. Why corporate reporting isn’t a proxy for progress. Ken Pucker. Mon, 04/19/2021 - 02:00.

GI Genius™ Named to FORTUNE 2022 'Change the World' List

3BL Media

Screening is one of the most effective ways to prevent or diagnose it early — when it is most treatable. patients who undergo screenings annually. FORTUNE puts Medtronic among top 50 global companies having a positive social impact through core business strategy. SOURCE: Medtronic.

Philippines SEC Issues Draft Rules for SRI Funds

Chris Hall

The rules also set out the strategies SRI funds may adopt to achieve their investment objectives relating to sustainability or ESG, such as negative screening, impact investing and other ESG strategies practised nationally or globally.

How to Guide a Conversation Around Sustainable Investing

3BL Media

Negative screens. How comfortable would the family be if their portfolio underperformed the benchmark because of a negative screen? by Jeff Finkelman, Colleen Silver, Paulina Mejia. SOURCE: Franklin Templeton.

System change investing: High impact, high return


The process involves rating companies on system change performance, and then using this research for positive screening, negative screening, engagement and other ESG/SRI strategies. The frame of reference for ESG largely is mitigating negative corporate impacts.

SMEs Can Turn Ambition Into Action With SAP Product Footprint Management for Clean Operations

3BL Media

What’s more, investors are now going beyond “negative screening” and actively backing businesses that are leaders in sustainability, in pursuit of above-market returns. by Mark Innes. SOURCE: SAP. DESCRIPTION: Sustainable business is now an imperative.

ESG Investing Needs to Expand Its Definition of Materiality

Stanford Social Innovation

If we continue down this path, ESG investing is almost certain to remain a smokescreen, one that creates the appearance of a more socially impactful approach to capitalism while ignoring some of the most significant negative effects business can have on people and communities.

This Week’s Fund News: Invesco Rebadges UK Companies Fund as Sustainable

Chris Hall

The actively management equity portfolio will now incorporate sustainability factors to positive screen companies across a wide range of industries without solely relying on exclusions. “In The fund will implement negative screening to exclude weapons, thermal coal, gambling and tobacco.