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How Do You Cultivate an Innovative Mindset? Invest in Education.

3BL Media

As we live through the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), we are experiencing social and technological change at an exponential pace. The 4IR is changing how we work and creating more connections between people, machines and digital technology. KEYWORDS: NYSE:DOW, Dow, 4IR. Cultivating an innovative mindset.

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What are Industry 4.0, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and 4IR?

McKinsey Sustainabilty

It's the next phase in manufacturing's digitization, driven by the rise of data, connectivity, and other tech trends.

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SDSN Attends the 3rd UAE Public Policy Forum

Sustainable Development Network

Media Round-up: ‘Dubai Policy Review’ launches , Emirates News Agency – January 27, 2019 ‘Dubai Policy Review’ Launches, Urdu Point – January 27, 2019 Dubai achieves most Sustainable Development Goals: Challenges in building smart cities discussed as third Public Policy Forum opens , Gulf News – January 27, 2019 ‘Clear vision helped UAE overcome crisis’ (..)

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