Power Your Digital Transformation

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Digital engagements are at an all-time high, with more than 5.25 Additional complications stem from digital demands outpacing IT resources and expertise across every type of industry and geography. Human + digital intelligence = proactive, predictive, preemptive insights.

Deliver Industrial Wireless to Enable Digital Transformation

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As industrial plants look to digital transformation to take their operations to the next level, industrial wireless becomes a key enabler. It’s hard to imagine a smart, digitalized facility not leveraging wireless technology because the cost of laying cables can be enormous.


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Digital Transformation at the University of Adelaide

Cisco blogs - Education

I commenced with the university in 2017 as only the second CIO with the task of reimagining the role and structure of the Information Technology and Digital Services (ITDS). Creating transformative change. Digital transformation is complex!

How Does Digital Transformation Enable Sustainability?

Cisco Manufacturing

Each of these can contribute to sustainability goals and are achievable through adoption of digital transformation. The Mazak story illustrates a common theme: Digital transformation can deliver operational efficiency, business and security resiliency, and sustainability!

Digital transformation for utilities: a strategic approach

Utiliity Dive

Despite the rise of digital transformation, the construction industry — in particular, utility infrastructure construction — lags behind. How can digital transformation help utilities face their challenges

[Podcast] Supply Chain Digital Transformation

3BL Media

In today’s digital economy, more and more people are pursuing a career in supply chains, and thus play a vital role in securing the end-to-end digital transformations required to help meet the needs of customers. Episode 2: Supply Chain Digital Transformation.

Getting digital transformation right in resource-heavy industries

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Eight core principles can help companies in the energy, oil and gas, basic materials, and utilities sectors achieve successful digital transformations. Digital Insights Oil & Natural Gas Digital Digital strategy and organization

Digital transformation on the CEO agenda


Successful digital transformations may not be as elusive as you think. Digital Insights DigitalThe best CEOs know up front what success looks like—and what stands in their way.

The digital transformation is revolutionising pumps and compressed air

Smart Energy International

A widespread digital transformation is occurring in numerous sectors, affecting many types of industrial equipment. Use digital transformation to save money and boost efficiency. Make pumps and compressors more sustainable with digital technologies.

Cisco is Driving Secure Digital Transformation in Roadways and Rail!

Cisco CSR

This is an exciting and transformative time in the Transportation industry. Rail operators worldwide work with Cisco to transform their operations with secure, reliable connectivity.

Sustainability is a new side effect of digital transformation

Stacey Higginbotham

Digital transformation efforts are reaching a new phase, where the focus is shifting from productivity enhancements to sustainability. ABB’s report focuses on using the assets deployed for digital transformations to reduce carbon emissions.

Why Hybrid Work Is Driving SMB Digital Transformation at a Fast Clip

Cisco CSR

While organizations were often pursuing various degrees of digital transformation prior to the pandemic, the new perspectives we’ve all gained on how and where work gets done have refocused those efforts.

Guest Post – Notes From the Field: Inter-Stakeholder Communications, Digital Transformation Keys to ESG Performance Excellence

ESG Today

By: R Mukund , Founder & CEO of Benchmark Digital Partners LLC. The path toward securing both runs through digital transformation.

Secure your digital transformation journey

Smart Energy International

Atos Head of Digital Security Italy, Marco Conflitti, is talking about Atos’ strategy to protect customers from increasing attacks on infrastructure and systems.

Accelerate Digital Transformation and Cost Savings with Cisco Success Tracks

Cisco CSR

Like most organizations going through their digital transformation journey, getting a current view of inventory, and keeping up to date with hardware updates was challenging, manual, and time-consuming for Susan and her team. 2 Cisco, Choctaw Nation accelerates digital transformation.

Public Sector: Five Steps to Accelerate Digital Transformation Towards eGovernment

Cisco CSR

It also applies to the superior digital experiences public sector citizens expect from their local and federal municipalities and government agencies. Accelerating digital transformation. Make public sector digital transformation a reality.

EIS in Transition: Impacts on Digital Transformation for Federal Networks

Cisco CSR

But its primary purpose as a key driver for the digital transformation of enterprise telecommunications and networking solutions remains unchanged. What’s next for Federal Digital Transformation? Guest Author: Dan Faules, Leader, Systems Engineering at Cisco.

Overcome Barriers in Manufacturing IT to Advance Digital Transformation

Cisco CSR

When thinking about everything that goes into transforming a traditional manufacturing plant into a smart factory of the future, there are several factors that determine its success—or failure. Forbes recently reported up to 84 percent of digital transformation initiatives are likely to fail.

Coca-Cola: The people-first story of a digital transformation


With thousands to train, the transformation of Coca-Cola’s commercial product supply operations needed buy-in from the boardroom to the front line. Insights on Operations Consumer packaged goods Performance transformation

Product development in the era of digital transformation and sustainability

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Because of digital and sustainability trends, R&D organizations are facing an increasingly complex landscape. Digital Insights DigitalDeveloping the necessary organizational structures and capabilities is urgent.

Americas FinServ Digital Commentary – Fall 2022: Three Ways to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Cisco CSR

Through it all, Bank, Insurance and Wealth Management decision-makers have face increased pressure to focus on three fundamental strategic priorities – Business Growth, Cost Reduction, and Risk Reduction – to accelerate digital transformation. 2022 has been a bloodbath on Wall Street.

Dangers and opportunities of digital transformation explored at British Water Data Conference

Envirotec Magazine

The sixth British Water Data Conference, which took place on 3 November 2022, kicked off with a warning from keynote speaker Oliver Grieveson on the “dangers and opportunities” around digital transformation. . Lila Thompson, chief executive of British Water, addressing the conference.

How the water sector's digital transformation will help achieve SDG 6


The water sector is now in the early but accelerating stages of learning the value of adopting digital technologies to solve water scarcity and quality issues

Digital Transformation at UMBC – How the pandemic created an opportunity to reimagine student services

Cisco blogs - Education

Digital Transformation: Student orientation and advising program. The pandemic forced us to transform this in-person experience in two short months. Digitizing student orientation and advising did more than allow us to deliver services remotely.

Digitally transform through workflow and process automation

Cisco CSR

To remain competitive, financial institutions began their Digital Transformation journey to make workflow and processes automation improvements. Many started off with simple tasks, digitizing analog processes, but that wasn’t truly transforming the business.

How Is Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Bridging the Gap to Productivity, Security Resiliency, and Sustainability …

Cisco Manufacturing

We showed 100,000+ attendees how Cisco and its partners are using digital transformation to help our customers deliver operational efficiency, security resiliency, and sustainability in manufacturing. Looking to get started on your digital transformation?

Digital transformation to navigate climate change impacts

Sustainability Matters

The digital transformation of property operations is a powerful enabler to achieve Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets, reach net zero, as well as manage rising energy costs and the impact of harmful carbon emissions. Successful digital transformation programs don’t operate in just one dimension. Digital transformation is not about extracting some data and slapping a pretty dashboard in front of it.

Your 5-step guide to digital transformation in manufacturing — an eBook

Sustainability Matters

Manufacturers are on a digital transformation journey towards the smart factory. Read this eGuide for a: ·step-by-step guide to getting started with digital transformation. Smart manufacturing is a flexible system that can self-optimise performance across a network, self-adapt to and learn from new conditions in real time, and autonomously run production processes. highly accurate track and trace solution to reduce shipping and picking errors

Software platform helps Plymouth City Council digitally transform key services

Envirotec Magazine

As part of a wider digitalisation of its operations, the council recently undertook a project to digitally transform and enhance its offerings across two key service areas: playgrounds and trees, with a third area, street cleansing, to follow later.

Don’t Let a Skills Shortage Derail Your Digital Transformation Journey

Cisco CSR

However, in this era of chronic skills shortages, rapid automation, and digital transformation, a lack of IT expertise poses a real challenge for businesses. Ultimately, digital transformation is about more than just the technology you implement.

APM: An Overlooked First Step Toward Digital Transformations


APM: An Overlooked First Step Toward Digital Transformations. Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 This webinar will offer: Practical definitions of digital transformation for industrial manufacturers. Matt Kirchner, Head of Product, Atonix Digital.

The Digital Transformation of Small Business Support

3BL Media

DESCRIPTION: The digital revolution is transforming small businesses around the world, presenting them with new opportunities and challenges that have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. SOURCE: The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth.

Driving digital transformation in healthcare: An interview with Dr. Pius S. Hornstein, Country Chair Sanofi Greater China


Reflections on Sanofi’s digital transformation journey in China. Our Insights

Impact in emerging markets in 2022: Seizing the digital transformation to drive inclusive and sustainable growth

Impact Alpha

ImpactAlpha, December 20 – If the pandemic had a silver lining in emerging markets, it was as a super-spreader of small business digitization. .

The Brief: Digital transformation in emerging markets, financing climate infrastructure, gender lens in Africa, recycled thermoplastics, proof of impact

Impact Alpha

Featured: Looking Ahead Impact in emerging markets in 2022: Seizing the digital transformation to drive inclusive and sustainable growth. Greetings, Agents of Impact!

Three new mandates for capturing a digital transformation’s full value


Most organizations achieve less than one-third of the impact they expected from recent digital investments. Digital Insights Digital strategy and organizationWhat can companies learn from the best performers about how to beat the odds today?

ABB’s Rob Massoudi on the value of digital transformation


With digital transformation, corporations can leverage software technologies to create new business value. The senior vice president of digital transformation at ABB, Rob Massoudi, reveals the value digital transformation brings to the energy sector and explain how an organization can strategize from a systems level to digitize their assets. Digitalization Sidebar Technology VERGE VERGE VERGE 19

Danone ‘digitally transforms’ baby food factory in Poland, boosts efficiencies and halves GHG emissions

Environmental News Bits

Read the full story at Food Navigator. The World Economic Forum has designated Danone’s infant nutrition factory in Opole, Poland, as an Advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution Lighthouse for adopting cutting-edge technologies at scale. Food and beverage manufacturing

Eaton Study Finds Gap Between Digital Transformation and Energy Transition Efforts, Highlighting Opportunity to Advance Both

3BL Media

SUMMARY: New S&P Global Market Intelligence report commissioned by Eaton assesses the intersection of digital transformation and energy transition across building, data center, industrial and utility markets. Businesses need to move far faster on digital transformation.

2022 China Retail Digitalization Whitepaper: The next frontier of digital transformation in China’s retail industry

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Despite significant investment in omnichannel expansion, retailers in China are struggling to convert this into improved financial performance. Our Insights

Cisco Catalyst 9200CX now orderable!

Cisco CSR

transforming the challenges of hybrid work into opportunities for innovation. Now is the time to make sure your network is ready for a hybrid world where the workplace is anywhere, endpoints could be anything, and applications are hosted all over the place.

The Brief: Interrupting gentrification, inclusive recovery, digital transformation, water and agtech, distributed utility-scale solar, seeding diverse investors

Impact Alpha

The post The Brief: Interrupting gentrification, inclusive recovery, digital transformation, water and agtech, distributed utility-scale solar, seeding diverse investors appeared first on Impact Alpha. Greetings, Agents of Impact!

Can a Digital Culture Create Patient Value in Healthcare?

Cisco CSR

As part of the Digital Innovation Hub at La Trobe University, Cisco’s Innovation Central Melbourne set out to define digital literacy for healthcare. Digital culture is also focused on social and cultural issues, communication, and collaboration.