Cadence Academic Network at 59DAC

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DESCRIPTION: The Cadence Academic Network was excited to participate in many activities at the 2022 Design Automation Conference (DAC) held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from July 10-14. KEYWORDS: NASDAQ:CDNS, Cadence Design Systems, 59DAC, Cadence Academic Network.

Writing beyond the academic journal

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Academic papers play an outsize role in career advancement, but researchers who want to expand their reach should look beyond peer-reviewed journals. Read the full story at Inside Higher Education. Read more → Communicating science


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Academic Cloud and the Digital Skills Boom

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Enter the Academic Cloud. The Academic Cloud offers shared tech and server resources across institutions to expand reach to students while providing lower maintenance and management costs. The components of the Academic Cloud are simple. SOURCE: VMware.

The peer review system is broken. We asked academics how to fix it

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Before new work is published in an academic journal, experts scrutinise the evidence, research and arguments to make sure they stack up. We asked academics how to fix it.

Academics develop PET-like plastics from biomass waste

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According to its developers, the new method shows great promise in meeting the demand for more sustainable options within the plastics … Continue reading Academics develop PET-like plastics from biomass waste. Read the full story at Resource. New research from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne’s (EPFL) School of Basic Sciences has revealed a method for the creation of PET-like plastics using biomass waste.

Transition methodologies failing to meet Paris Agreement, academics warn

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investors and regulators for calculating transition pathways are failing to accurately reflect the Paris Agreement goals, with academics warning that most business will consequently fail to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in time Existing methodologies commonly used by companies.

Academic Economist Productivity Rankings

Matthew E. Kahn

Across all of the world's economists; #9 in Environmental Economics #25 in Urban economics #4 in Resource Economics #27 in Energy Economics

Universities must reject fossil fuel cash for climate research, say academics

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Universities must stop accepting funding from fossil fuel companies to conduct climate research, even if the research is aimed at developing green and low-carbon technology, an influential group of distinguished academics has said. Rowan Williams, the former archbishop of Canterbury, the Nasa data scientist Peter Kalmus, and prominent … Continue reading Universities must reject fossil fuel cash for climate research, say academics. Read the full story from The Guardian.

How This Academic Homegirl Is Breaking the Bias

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My network and I are a group of Academic Homegirls who use the power of community and connection to help each other. SOURCE: Lenovo. DESCRIPTION: Dr. Maricela Becerra, College Professor & Lenovo Innovator.

How to build a business plan from your academic sustainability research


Some of the most important research on climate changing is happening in academia, but getting it from the lab to the investor table is key

Academic wins international award for urban ecology work

Envirotec Magazine

A researcher at Northumbria University is part of a group of academics to win a prestigious international award for their work on sustainable science.

Leading Academic Economist Offers Optimism about Climate Change Policy

Energy Central

How academics are getting to grips with corporate greenwashing

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Read the full story in The Irish Times. The Greenwatch Project, which launched last year, is developing artificial intelligence-based methods to detect greenwashing, in order to improve the measurement of progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more → Corporate sustainability Greenwashing

Academic study of East African maritime traditions shows changes in boatbuilding

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

The first detailed academic study of East African maritime traditions shows changes in boatbuilding techniques but the continuing use of wooden vessels by fishers

Academic collaboration boosts SME efforts to reach net zero

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We will work closely with them to identify a bespoke course of action harnessing the skills and expertise of undergraduates, postgraduates and world-renowned academics, and leveraging our plethora of world-class facilities. “I

Academic paper highlights AD’s current and future carbon footprint

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Bath University’s recent paper identifies the potential for GHG emissions savings from biogas utilisation. In Wiltshire, Malaby Biogas’s Bore Hill Farm Biodigester was the case study in a research project published by Bath University and supported by Supergen Bioenergy Hub.

New academic-industry collaboration to tackle global challenges in sustainability

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Read the full story from the University of Bath. The University of Bath is coordinating a major new collaboration with academia and industry to use sustainable chemical technologies to accelerate the UK’s transition to net zero carbon emissions. Read more → Chemical manufacturing Colleges and universities Green chemistry

The Role of Qualitative Data in Academic Field Experiment Research

Matthew E. Kahn

Given the publication incentives of academic researchers and given their finite research budgets, they have strong incentives to pursue treatment effect designs that are effective. This will be a "big think" blog post that shares my thinking about this March 2022 Nature Human Behavior paper titled " The data revolution in social science needs qualitative research". Permit me to focus on one example. Consider a sample of 5,000 equally talented and ambitious 18 year olds.

Three new academic journals to meet growing demand for environmental research

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Read the full story from IOP Publishing. IOP Publishing (IOPP) is launching three new, fully open access (OA) journals, extending the?publisher’s publisher’s Environmental Research series. IOPP’s Environmental Research Series now comprises of six titles that collectively address all major areas of environmental science. Environmental Research:?Health?(ERH)?and Health?(ERH)?and and Environmental?Research:?Climate?(ERCL) Research:?Climate?(ERCL) Climate?(ERCL)

Academic group launches nuclear energy for net zero roadmap

Envirotec Magazine

Co-author Professor Gregg Butler added: “We have developed this paper because we felt a responsibility as an impartial academic community to support our colleagues in government and industry. Heysham nuclear power station in Lancashire (image credit: David Merrett , CC BY 2.0 license).

With social media and academics, Thai villagers save ancestral forest


Using activism and scientific research, a Thai community stopped a wetland forest from being turned into an industrial zone

Urgent action on carbon measurement needed, according to academic group

Envirotec Magazine

The post Urgent action on carbon measurement needed, according to academic group first appeared on Envirotec.

Ranking Academic Economics Power Couples Based on July 2021 REPEC Data

Matthew E. Kahn

A few months ago, I posted a Twitter tweet about how to use REPEC data to rank academic couples. I followed a symmetric transparent method. My criteria takes the REPEC Ranking for one spouse + REPEC ranking for the other spouse. I treat them as equals. If an economist is not married to an economist or if a highly ranked economist is married to another economist who is not ranked on REPEC, then they are not included. I used this list to find th e top ranked women in economics.

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus KitchenAid Senior PGA Champions for Change Scholarship Helps Underserved Students at Lake Michigan College Achieve Their Academic Goals

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The program is designed to help underserved individuals achieve academic success. Tweet me: @WhirlpoolCorp awarded its KitchenAid Senior PGA Champions for Change Scholarship to help two individuals achieve academic success. SOURCE: Whirlpool Corporation.

2022 AISES Leadership Summit to Be Held on the Ancestral Lands of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians

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Sessions focused on career development and mentorship offer leadership advice and tools for academic success and career growth. April 10–12. SOURCE: American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). DESCRIPTION: ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.,

Study: Major firms may be performing worse than they think against net zero goals


A major new academic study sets out a new climate progress assessment framework for corporates — and they are falling short

Why bad strategy is a ‘social contagion’

McKinsey Public & Social Sector Insights

Author and academic Richard Rumelt explains how to develop strategies that aim to solve problems rather than simply state ambitions. Strategy & Corporate Finance Insights Strategy

CSRHub Data Used for COVID-19 Research and Analysis


CSRHub data was used as a major resource for a recent academic paper. The study examines the effect of Covid-19 on the U.S. tourism and hospitality industry, and the impact CSR practices have on firms' success responding to Covid-19. CSR Covid-19 Corporate Sustainability Metrics impact

'Win-win' solutions to protect human health and conserve ecosystems

Science Daily / Earth & Environment

Research examines academic literature to find 46 interventions that would simultaneously benefit humans and the environment

ESG rating changes have 'substantial, long-term' effect on stock returns

Environmental Finance

Changes in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings of a firm can have "long-lasting effects" on stock returns, according to academic research

How COVID-19 caused a global learning crisis


The pandemic has taken a substantial toll on students’ academic progress as well as on their mental health. School systems can respond across multiple horizons to help students get back on track. Insights on Education Education

The scientists who switched focus to fight climate change

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Four researchers describe how they found different ways of responding to the planet’s biggest threat — from quitting tenure to overhauling their academic programme. Read the full story in Nature. Climate

How data-driven research partnerships deepen energy access across supply chains


A truly just energy transition is possible through collaboration between private, public and academic stakeholders

Research culture

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These are just some of the characteristic problems of current academic research culture. Hypercompetition. Overwork. Career instability. Lack of diversity. Discrimination. Misconduct.

International Conference on Earth Science and Geology


Earth Science 2020 aims to create a forum for the globally distinguished academics, researchers, academic scientists, industry researchers, academics to exchange about state of the research and development

Environmental racism and justice

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In this Spark series we learn from scholars writing from multiple positionalities: those living in environmental justice communities, scholars based in traditional academic settings working in partnership with environmental justice communities, scholars from environmental justice communities working within traditional academic settings, and those creating innovative local solutions … Continue reading Environmental racism and justice.

Efficient Heating Systems Key to Meeting Peak Demands, Decarbonizing Buildings

Environment + Energy Leader

A study from several academic institutions shows more needs to be done to meet the need for decarbonizing buildings. The post Efficient Heating Systems Key to Meeting Peak Demands, Decarbonizing Buildings appeared first on Environment + Energy Leader.

Sustainable city leadership 101

Corporate Knights

I believe that a movement of academics, students and city governments can make some pretty profound and needed change,” says David Miller , former chairman of C40, a global network of mayors tackling the climate crisis. “It’s

What Sci-Hub’s latest court battle means for research

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The verdict could have implications for academic publishers further afield. Read the full story in Nature. Delhi court will scrutinize whether the pirate paper website falls foul of India’s copyright law. Read more → Scientific publishing

Robeco shares portfolio company SDG scores

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Robeco has shared information on how it scores its portfolio companies on their contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the investor's clients and a group of academics

Energy from waste: $6.8 million for cow-inspired biodigesters

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University of Michigan leads a collaboration of academic, municipal and private institutions to advance a renewable methane system. Read the full story from the University of Michigan. Read more → Agriculture Energy

Oxford summit investors doubt if net zero pledges will decarbonise world at all

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Finance sector net-zero pledges will likely have "no positive impact" on real economy decarbonisation, according to about one-third of investors and academic attendees at a specialist sustainable finance event

The 100 memes that immortalize my PhD defence

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Sophie Dufour-Beauséjour chose an unusual way to capture an academic rite of passage, with a little help from her friends. Read the full story in Nature. Read more → COVID-19 Workplace issues in STEM